Heikes Family Farm

The logo and overall branding for Heikes Family Farm is meant to reflect the quality of their produce and the homey, friendly atmosphere of the farm itself. Owners of the business, Sam and Heidi Heikes, greet anyone who visits their farm with open arms, a smile, and a handful whatever produce is freshly picked. Their passion for tasty and healthy eating is contagious, and is sure to inspire customers to get their hands dirty. The branding is a playful, yet professional take on Heikes Family Farm’s interpretation of Community Supported Agriculture. By incorporating a basket of produce within the logo, the audience can have a better understanding of what Heikes Family Farm does. The illustrative style adds visual interest while also creating playfulness that is reflective of the Heikes family.

This project includes logo development, stationary design, a hand-bound 20+ spread logo manual, and a hand-built promotion design installation.

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