Mark Inc.

Mark Inc. is a branding and packaging project that focuses on package sustainability and re-use. This kit contains all of the supplies necessary to create custom stamps for any creative needs. These stamps can be as simple or complex as one may like, and can be used to embellish stationary, wrapping paper, scrapbooks, journals, or any paper material. The packaging for this kit unfolds into a no-slip carving pad that makes it easy to hold the materials together and to carve on any surface. Built with wood and plexiglass, this package is sturdy enough to last through many projects. Designed to keep all the materials you need in one place, the Mark Inc. Stamp Making Kit makes stamp making easy. With the logo at the base of all branding elements, this project is consistent, but lively. The resulting pattern and color work together to inspire users to make their own unique mark, with Mark Inc.


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